Outcoming Ingoing #1, Tai Kwun Contemporary, Hong Kong, HKSAR, 2019

   The Ground (sound creation for Wooden Drone and opening performances w/Tarek Atoui, Biennale Arte 2019, Venice, Italy, 2019

Coming In Going Out Coming Out Going In, Suitcase Institute, Various Locations, 2019

  One Hand Clapping: Possible Music #1, (video performance w/ Samson Young), Guggenheim Museum, NYC, USA, 2018

    Exhibition on the Table: Third Eye Kaleidoscope, Shanghai, PRC, 2018

    Conversations, Wing Platform Residency, Hong Kong, HKSAR, 2018  

    Movements at an Exhibition (performance score in collaboration w/ Manuel Pelmuș), Para Site, Hong Kong, HKSAR, 2017-18

    The Ground, Mirrored Gardens/Tarek Atoui Residency, Guangzhou, PRC, 2017

    The Garden, K11 Art Foundation/Chi Art Space, HKSAR, 2017  

    Hong Kong Solos, Spring Workshop, Hong Kong, HKSAR, 2017

    Carnival, Kong Art Space, Hong Kong, HKSAR, 2017

    Ho Visto Un Re, Shanghai, PRC, 2017

    Ceremonial Nomad, Para Site 20, Hong Kong, HKSAR, 2016

    Third Eye Kaleidoscope #5, Things That Can Happen, Hong Kong, HKSAR, 2016

    Ho Visto Un Re, Palazzo Reale, Milan, Italy, 2016

    Cromniomancy, Rossi & Rossy/Yallay Gallery, Hong Kong, HKSAR, 2016

    Third Eye Kaleidoscope #4, Holy Motors, Hong Kong, HKSAR, 2016

    Third Eye Kaleidoscope #3, WING, Hong Kong, HKSAR, 2016

    Third Eye Kaleidoscope #2, Art Basel VIP Programme, Hong Kong, HKSAR, 2016

    Third Eye Kaleidoscope #1, Derrick Industrial, Hong Kong, HKSAR, 2016

    Tales From The Fragrant Harbour, Hong Kong, HKSAR, 2015

    The Glorious Phoenix (Installation), LTD, Los Angeles, USA2015

    The Glorious Phoenix (Performance), Art Basel Post-Vernissage, Hong Kong, HKSAR2015 

    Peak Helium, Chai Wan Mei, Hong Kong, HKSAR2015

    Free Lounge, Para Site Auction, Hong Kong, HKSAR2014

    Paper Rain, Art Basel, Hong Kong, HKSAR, 2013

    Monodrome Athens Biennale, Athens, Greece, 2011

    Freedoom, Guererro Gallery, San Francisco, USA, 2011

    Let's Do Some Living After We Die, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, USA, 2009

    Acid Tracks, MCA, Chicago, USA, 2007

    Hero/Heroin, ARCO, Madrid, Spain, 2006

    Marie-Madeliene,,Festival International du Cinéma Méditerranéen, Montpellier, France, 2002

    New Filmmakers Program, Anthology Film Archives, NYC, USA, 2002



 Path Through Infinite Body (i—vi), Shane Aspegren & Jérôme Lorichon, (Limited Edition EP, 2019, Ouvre)

Tomorrow, Blood Wine or Honey, (EP 2019, Pussyfoot)

Fear & Celebration, Blood Wine or Honey, (LP/CD/digital 2018 Plastic Pagan/Do Right) 

    Loosefoot, Blood Wine or Honey, 2017 (digital EP 2017 Plastic Pagan)

    Anxious Party People/The Young Ones, Blood Wine or Honey (12"/digital EP 2017 Plastic Pagan)

    Île des sables, Ça Va Chéri (commissioned limited CD 2012, re-release TBA)

    Build With Erosion, The Berg Sans Nipple (2xLP/CD/digital 2011)

    De la mort ou de l’amour, The Berg Sans Nipple (digital 2008 Team Love Records)

    Along the Quai, The Berg Sans Nipple (2xLP/CD/digital 2007 Team Love Records)

    A Free/La Voie Lactee,The Berg Sans Nipple (7” 2006 Chocolate Industries)

    Life If (in four parts), The Berg Sans Nipple (CD/LP 2005 Bizarre K7 Records)

    Play the Immutable Truth, The Berg Sans Nipple (CD/digital 2003 Aquarela Records)

    Form Of..., The Berg Sans Nipple (CD 2002 Prohibited Records)

    Music for the short film “Marie-Madeleine,”, The Berg Sans Nipple (CD 2002 Gumspot)



    Spectra (w/ Ikue Mori & guests), performance, Creative Media Colloquium, Hong Kong, HKSAR, 2019

Gala (Jérôme Bel), performance, Hong Kong Arts Festival, Hong Kong HKSAR, 2019

Intersection In Mid-Air, performance, LSK School of Creativity, Hong Kong, HKSAR, 2019

Songs of Portrait, multi-media opera, City Hall, Hong Kong, HKSAR, 2018

    The Reverse Collection, Tarek Atoui, Shane Aspegren & dj sniff, Para Site, Hong Kong, HKSAR, 2017

    The Memory of Proximity, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong, HKSAR, 2016

    DECADE Ensemble, Kill The Silence, Hong Kong, HKSAR, 2016

    Grand Opening, The Mills, Hong Kong, HKSAR, 2015

    Performances in collaboration with Huang Rui, 10 Chancery Lane, Hong Kong, HKSAR, 2014-15

    1984 a cinematic opera, LSK School of Creativity, Hong Kong, HKSAR, 2014

    Silver Apples, live one-off, Hong Kong, HKSAR, 2014

    Comma Coma, various performances, Hong Kong, HKSAR, 2014

    Arto Lindsay, live one-off, Hong Kong, HKSAR, 2013

    Woodkid, Tour Europe/UK/North America, 2010

    LCD Soundsystem, (Production Tech.) Tour North America/Europe/UK/Asia/Australia, 2010

    Bright Eyes, Tour Japan, 2008

    Bright Eyes, Tour North America/Europe/UK, 2005

    Don Nino, Various Tours Europe/UK, 2002-03

    Lullaby For The Working Class, Various Tours North America, 1996-99



Report i—Which I am I, Tai Kwun, 2019 (score & live performance)

    ke1 le1 fe1/Carefree, Jockey Club New Arts Power, 2018 (live dance score)

    Restored Treasures, HK Film Archive (The Cave of the Silken Web, Red Heroine, Labor's Love) (live scores 2014-15)

    Dream Cosmography, Dir. Adrian Wong, 2015 (score)

The Glorious Phoenix (video), Dir. Shane Aspegren & Adrian Wong2015 (score)

    Decade, commissioned by Hong Kong Film Archive & West Kowloon Cultural District, 2013 (live score)

    Je m'appelle Hmmm…, Dir. Agnès B., 2013 (soundtrack)

    Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon, Dir. Mike Myers, 2013 (soundtrack)

    Towheads, Dir. Shannon Plumb, 2013 (soundtrack)

    BAM150, Dir Michael Sladek, 2012 (soundtrack)

    At The Vanishing Point, Great Plains Theatre Conference, 2012 (live score/sound design)

    Cet Homme-Là (Est Un Mille-Feuilles), Dir. Patricia Mortagne, 2011 (score)

    Marie-Madeleine, Dir. Shane Aspegren, 2002 (score/soundtrack)



    The Keyboard Songs, Don Nino (CD/LP 2015 Prohibited)

    La Chirurgie des sentiments ,Francoiz Breut (CD/LP 2012 PIAS)

    Heavy Mood, Tilly and the Wall (CD/LP 2012 Team Love)

    The People's Key, Bright Eyes (CD/LP 2011 Saddle Creek/Polydor) 

    Notes from the Treehouse, Alessi's Ark (CD/LP 2009 Virgin)

    The Horse,Alessi’s Ark (EP 2008 Virgin)  

    Ersatz, Julien Doré (CD 2008 Sony/Epic/Jive)

    Flowers Forever, Flowers Forever (CD Team Love 2008)

    Cassadaga, Bright Eyes (CD/LP 2007 Saddle Creek/Polydor) 

    Les Tortures Volontaires, Arman Melies (CD 2006 EMI France)

    Mentors Menteurs, Don Nino (CD 2006 Prohibited Records)

    Le Detour, Dominique A. (CD Labels/EMI France 2005)

    Oh Holy Fools, Bright Eyes (CD 2001 Saddle Creek) 

    Don’t be frightened of turning the page, Bright Eyes (CD 2001 Bang)

    Ghost Tropic, Songs:Ohia (CD/LP 2001 Secretly Canadian)

    Funk Shui, TV City (CD 2000 High Knee)

    Song, Lullaby For The Working Class (CD/LP 1999 Bar None)

    I Never Even Asked For Light, Lullaby For The Working Class (CD/LP 1997 Bar None)

    Blanket Warm, Lullaby For The Working Class (CD/LP 1996 Bar None)



    Chai Wan Mei Nights, Performance Program, Chai Wan Mei Festival, 2015

    Apocalypse Postponed / Nadim Abbas, Performance Program, 2014 

    Someday, Studio HA!, group exhibition, 2014

    Bearded Lady Sideshow, Clockenflap Festival, Performance Program,2013


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